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M.P. Shah Hospital Boosts Bed Capacity as it Launches New Medical Tower

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M.P. Shah Hospital has boosted its bed capacity through the opening of their new KPJ Medical Centre. This is part of the hospital’s strategic plan to transform health care over the next decade.

The Medical Centre, which has brought an additional 68 beds to the hospital, was launched on 25th February 2022 

The launch of the 8-floor KPJ Medical Centre serves to curb the increasing demand for healthcare services through introducing dedicated maternity wards and a theatre for the same, which is a 100% increase in the current maternity bed capacity.

It also hosts a modern physiotherapy centre that is set to be a hub for sports medicine, neurology and other specialty clinics.

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“Our region is changing. A growing, ageing population and an increased incidence of chronic disease are among our greatest challenges. At the core of our operations, however, is our commitment to meet these and other challenges by supporting the ‘right workforce’ with the ‘right processes’ and the ‘right resources to provide the best healthcare for patients and their families. This project will bring tremendous benefit to patients, our hardworking and dedicated staff, and the communities we serve” Said Dr. Toseef Din, CEO of M.P. Shah Hospital.

The new medical centre equipped with ultra-modern state-of-the-art medical equipment is expected to serve patients from Nairobi and beyond with different ailments including cancer, infectious diseases, skin problems and many other forms of illnesses. Among the speciality clinics is the one-stop-shop breast cancer clinic that uses the Sentimag technology to identify cancerous tissues early enough to save patients from a mastectomy. The tower also hosts some of the highly specialized, world-renown medical specialists who are prepared to attend to patients with different conditions.

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The construction of the new centre began in November 2016, with its primary aim is to cater to the rehabilitation, oncology, surgical and medical needs of our patients. A part of the tower has also hosted COVID-19 patients, who have been treated and repatriated in excellent health, supported by the team of doctors and nurses.

The KPJ medical centre is also home to a dedicated one-of-a-kind paediatric cancer centre that is soon to be launched. This Cancer Centre is set to be among the largest in the country providing complex children’s cancer care. The centre will also be actively participating in the research and treatment of childhood cancer, aiming for the highest standards in diagnosis, research, treatment, and support. It comprises an inpatient ward with a day oncology unit, an outpatient clinic area, a dedicated oncology pharmacy, and state-of-the-art laboratory facilities.

About M.P. Shah Hospital

Located in Parklands Area in Nairobi, M.P. Shah Hospital is a modern 275-bed facility which is home to highly skilled and experienced specialists and professional medical staff. For generations, we have been ranked among the best private hospitals in Kenya because of our excellent standards and the high quality of services and personal care we provide. We operate under the umbrella of the Social Service League which is a non-racial, non-religious, non-political charitable institution. The scope of the social service league includes the main hospital in Parklands, the Village Market Medical Clinic, and the Dinshaw Byramjee Dispensary and Dental Unit located in Nairobi downtown, at Ronald Ngala Street.