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Dr Judy Makira rated among the best to face off with Ndindi Nyoro in Kiharu

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Kiharu parliamentary candidate Dr Judy Makira has candidly urged the Kiharu electorate to reject the incumbent Ndindi Nyoro and politician Karanja Wamatangi saying they are not for the welfare of the electorate.

In a tell all interview withthe Media, Makira, a scholar believes Nyoro has gone against the Agikuyu traditions,biblical teachings and has abdicated his mandate of representing and working for the electorate while Wamatangi is a foreigner and stranger to the electorate’s issues.

She said the Mp has been campaigning for Presidency of Deputy President a role he was never mandated to undertake by the electorate and thus must be punished by being rejected at the ballot.

“He has been undertaking a role he was never given by those who voted him: loitering around the country selling the Ruto agenda and leaving a vacuum in Kiharu,” she said. She added that naturally, nature hates vacuum and asserted that she has connected very well with the residents of Kiharu, especially the youth and women whom she is constantly with in the grassroots.

Dr Judy Makira

She also elaborated that by constantly insulting the head of State, Nyoro has not only gone against the Agikuyu cultural norms but also against Christian teachings.

“Our tradition is clear you never insult a king and he who abandon the tradition is a slave. The Bible tells us that authority is God given and no one should undermine it.” said Dr Judy Makira.

She defended the President for his track record which she said has been felt nationally and Mt Kenya region and castigated Mp Nyoro for inciting locals that the President had neglected the region.

“It is hypocritical for the Mp to purport that the President has neglected the region while his NGCDF kitty comes from the National Government,” Dr Makira said.

The fiery iron lady also believes that Wamatangi who is trying his luck for the second time has no touch with the Kiharu electorate and has pleaded with locals to ask the aspirant hard questions on why he decided to vie in Kiharu.

“He hails from Nakuru and when he noted that he can’t attract votes in his home area he decided to hoodwink us in Kiharu and he must be rejected,” Makira added.

She added that Wamatangi has been living abroad in US and that the move has alienated him with the needs of Kiharu people.

On Kiama Muturi, Dr Makira said he clings on his father’s political fortunes to sway the electorate and advised the electorate to say no to political inheritance.

Dr Makira, a renowned lecturer who has been serving at The University of Embu and who is the first ever woman to make a stab for Kiharu parliamentary seat says compared to her rivals she has a proven track record which should inform the electorate to voter for her in August polls.

She prides with her programs which has been spread across the vast Kiharu Constituency which will includes: training you on online jobs where over 1000 have benefited, her daily goats and rabbit program where over 50 women and youth groups have benefited and her talents search and sports empowerment programs which have assisted close to over 2000 youth.

Other programs which been implemented by Dr Judy Makira whose slogan is Mama Kiharu include provision of sanitary pads and medical camps where over 5000 locals have been reached and her scholarship program to needy and bright students where 10 have been fully sponsored.

Her programs, she told this writer informed her to use Governor Mwangi Wa Iria’s Usawa Kwa Wote party as her party of choice to seek for the elective position saying the party informs and compliments her political philosophy.

“Usawa kwa Wote resonates with my philosophy especially on empowerment at the grassroot level. The one cow per home and education scholarships are some of the programs I would want to replicate and support in Kiharu as they ensure empowerment at the household level.”

The spirit of Usawa creates a level ground for everyone.” Dr Makira added.

Dr Makira who has been Muranga Municipality Board Vice chairperson said that various leadership positions she has held in different areas have exposed her as an excellent decision maker and a leader who can be relied upon by the electorate.

“Residents of Kiharu are now ready for their first ever woman MP. “She concluded.