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UDA Assures Aspirants Free and Fair Nominations

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United Democratic Alliance (UDA) has assured free and fair nominations for all aspirants seeking to run for political seats under the party in the coming primaries set for between April 9 and 16.

Addressing the press after an interactive session with all aspirants in Garissa County, UDA National Election Board (NEB) vice-chairperson Ummi Bashir said that there will be no sacred cows in the nominations.

“We are in Garissa today to reaffirm and reassure that our nominations will be free and fair,” Ummi said.

“As a board, we are treating all aspirants as equal whether you are incumbent or you are aspiring to be a particular leader in any seat. There is no favored or preferable candidate,” she added

Ummi said that where there will only be a single candidate, or where the aspirants will negotiate to have one person to run under the party, there will be no nominations.