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Clan Politics Touted Game Changer in Kajiado Gubernatorial Race

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The Kajiado gubernatorial race has caused political ripples, with a section of pastors from Kajiado East finding themselves at the epicentre of murky waters of politics under clan politics.

An insider has intimated that the clergy were bestowed with the responsibility of prevailing upon former Governor David Nkedianye to support her gubernatorial bid.

Ms Tobiko is quoted as having said that current Governor Joseph ole Lenku and Kajiado South MP Katoo ole Metito, who is also eyeing the governorship position, come from the same minority sub-clan — Ilkisongo — and that she is also in talks with Mr Katoo to support her.

Ms Tobiko, Mr Nkedianye and Mr Katoo come from the larger Oldomongi clan, while Mr Lenku comes from the Olkiteng clan.

Political pundits say clan politics might take centre stage, with Mr Metito’s Ilkisongo sub-clan accusing him of betraying Mr Lenku.

Ms Tobiko is said to be working on a political pact with other leaders to square it out with Governor Lenku in this year’s elections.

She is said to be seeking to establish a formidable ‘political centre of power’ in Kajiado East that might see some local political heavyweights thrown under the bus before the 2022 elections.