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Man Shot Dead and Set Ablaze as Family Watches Helplessly

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Ijara Member of Parliament Sophia Abdi Noor has condoled with the family a man who was killed after armed men raided and torched him in Garissa Town as his family watched helplessly.

The late Tawane Adow was reportedly shot dead at point-blank range on Sunday morning by unknown number of gunmen who ambushed his family at their home in Garissa, Kunaso, before setting his properties ablaze.

“Brother Tawane Adow is another victim of violence following a series of planned and coordinated attacks within Garissa Town. These heinous attacks have become rampant and coordinated despite the outcry from the communities noted the MP as she sent her condolences to the family of the deceased,” she said.

“I appeal to the security agencies to seriously take up this matter and bring the perpetrators and their sponsors to book,” she said.

Last week the MP, her Daadab counterpart Dr. Mohamed Dahie and Garissa Senator Abdul mohamed Haji called on the security machinery to be alert on rising incidents of insecurity in Garissa County. 

Garissa Regional Commissioner Mr Nichodemus Ndalana said the government machinery is on alert and will take action on the perpetrators of the violence and warned politicians to be very careful and avoid hate speech that might cause conflict among Garissa County residents.