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Kenya yetu alliance set to rival Azimio and Kenya Kwanza ahead of August

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A third Alliance has now been formed after six political parties from Mount Kenya Unity forum have joined hands to form a third political movement dubbed the Kenya yetu.

Kenya Yetu now joins Kenya Kwanza led by Deputy President William Ruto and Azimio by ODM leader Raila Odinga.

Speaking during the launch, Kenya Yetu Alliance National Coordinator Thuo Mathenge said Kenyans should be left to decide on whoever will take as the fifth President.

“The 55% of the Kenyans who are yet to decide whom they will be with will soon be joining as as we have joined 35 parties, six signing today others to sign at a later date,” said Thuo.

He urged that the Kenya Yetu Alliance will allow their followers to choose a presidential candidate of their choice.

Joyce Mwambingu, the Secretary-General for people’s empowerment party who was present said they joined hands to ensure they hand a stronger force while Campaigning.

“We want to form the next government and we call on the political leaders who have signed the agreement to shun from individual interests for the prosperity of the coalition,” Said Mwambingu.

Th parties which have already signed the agreement include; Peoples empowerment party, Peoples party of Kenya, Party of democratic unity, The new democrats, Kenya patriot party, National voluntary party and the rest which are yet to sign.