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Former Powerful Minister’s Son to Vie for Presidency

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A son of a former Cooperative Minister the late Joe Nyaga has declared his intent to vie for the presidency come August 9.

Jeremiah John Mwaniki Nyaga will be seeking the top seat as an Independent candidate..

The 44-year-old Masters of Political  Science  Cambridge University graduate is the firstborn child of Nyaga  .

 Briefing the media at Kerugoya town , Kirinyaga County yesterday Nyaga said he was empathizing with  regional community for being taken for a ride by politicians .

He said it was on the realisation of the  negative route   the community was being driven to by the said politicians  that he had decided to step in to avert  the  negative trend before  it was too late .

The aspirant  who hails from the minority  Mbeere tribe urged youths  to vie as independent for various positions since parties especially big ones have owners .

“Once you vie on a political party you are answerable to its owner but as an independent you are answerable to the people, and  this makes all the difference,” the aspirant said .

He assured  Kenyans that if elected the fourth president his first mission will be to promote  and champion democracy  , fight corruption , and ensure equitable distribution of resources across the country .

Added Nyaga “ in order for corruption to be fought effectively and successfully  the fight must start from the top (state house ), going  down  since a fish rots from the head downwards .”.

He disclosed that his late father’s presidential aspiration in 2017 was a precursor   to this year’s general elections but as fate would have it he left the world in December 2020 with his vision and mission un accomplished.

“Am therefore running for the presidency to fulfill my late fathers’ wishes and at the same  time tame the growing anger within mt Kenyan region caused  by  various  frustrations from politicians ,”he said.

The anger ,he added, was more pronounced in the region due to the increasing poverty levels caused  by massive corrupt practices by the current political dispensation which he stated must be sent packing .

“Let us inject new blood into all elective levels come August 9 and     bring in as many youths as possible whose numerical superiority speaks volumes ,” he said.

He will officially declare his presidential candidature in two weeks’ time in Nairobi while the naming of his running mate will follow  later .