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PS Karanja Kibicho Responds After Accusations of Intimidating UDA Supporters

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Interior Principal Secretary Karanja Kibicho has refuted claims by a section of Kirinyaga County United Democratic Alliance supporters that he was intimidating them.

He is now challenging any such supporters or aspirants affiliated to the UDA to come forward and lay bare the allegations.

“How can I intimidate anyone due to his or her political persuasion given our country subscribes to democratic ideals   which are fully inscribed in our constitution?” he posed.

Kibicho denied having stashed huge amounts of money at the Abai Lodges, in Kagio town associated with him, which he used to “buy” defectors from other parties to join Jubilee.

“I am challenging those spreading these kind of malicious rumour to come face to face with me and prove how, when, where and why I should intimidate them for belonging to whatever political party,” he said.

Kibicho however stated that being a Kenyan and hailing from Kirinyaga County he had his democratic right to show the people the direction to follow and which will lead them to the land of plenty.

He wondered why some politicians, having, realised they were headed to a serious defeat during the general elections, were turning their guns against him yet he has no political ambition.

“Those alleging that I have millions of shillings stashed at Abai Lodges from where I am busy buying defectors and dishing out the cash indiscriminately rush to the nearest DCI offices and report the matter so that I can face the law,” he said.

He stressed that as long as he is a Kenyan, he has both legal and moral authority to guide the people to the directions that guarantees them safety and continuity of the development agenda President Uhuru Kenyatta had put in place.

During the occasion, a former senior County Government Employee Rose Wachira defected from the Mwangi Kiunjuri led TSP to the Jubilee.

She is an area Woman Representative aspirant and will be battling it out with Kuthii Mugucu in the party nominations. Also received by the party county chairman Murithi Kang’ara was former area Senator Daniel Karaba after he, like Rose, ditched the TSP.