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Gov Mwangi Wa Iria Kicks Off His Presidential Campaign

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Murang’a governor Mwangi wa Iria has said nothing would stop him from seeking a presidential ambition during the coming general election.

Wa Iria, who commenced his campaigns on Monday, dismissed those saying the Kikuyu community should not have a presidential candidate in the forthcoming elections since three members of the community had held the seat since independence.

He observed that as a Kenyan, he had his democratic rights to seek any elective position saying let the voters decide their president through the ballot during the polls.

During his campaign trail in Gatanga Sub County, the governor observed that just like the other presidential candidates are backed by their communities, he would appeal to people from Mount Kenya to support his bid.

“From this region, we have more than eight million registered voters and I will go to grassroots to try and get the maximum of these votes. My bid is not based on tribalism but my passion to serve Kenyans and revive the ailing economy,” he added.

The governor said from next week, he would move to other counties to seek political support, downplaying those saying the coming election would be between two horses.

“Let’s seek support peacefully and try to avoid this narrative that it will be a two-horse race in the next elections. My name will be in the ballot and am not backing off,” he stressed.

Wa Iria’s announcement will see the region produce two presidential candidates including Jimmy Wajingi who is vying on the Safina Party.

The governor castigated those saying the region should support candidates who were not from Mount Kenya saying no law blocks anyone from the Kikuyu community from vying for presidency.

“President Uhuru was elected despite the region producing two presidents in the past. I will also seek to be elected and that’s not tribalism but democratic freedom,” he averred.

Wa Iria said he would use his party, Usawa kwa Wote, to seek a presidential seat urging people from the region to embrace peace.

“Maintain peace, listen to all those who visit this region seeking your support but spare your votes for Usawa Kwa Wote candidate,” Wa Iria urged residents of Kirwara in Gatanga.

He drummed support for aspirants vying for the Usawa Kwa Wote party calling residents of Murang’a to ensure a majority of MPs, and MCAs are elected on his party ticket.

The governor said he would first tour counties in the Mount Kenya region before moving to other parts of the country.