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Six People Including Retired Chief Attacked by Rogue Leopards

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Six people including a retired chief are recuperating at various health facilities in Baringo County after two rogue leopards attacked them inflicting serious injuries in their bodies.

In the first incident which occurred on Thursday last week at Sorok villages in Cheplambus location of Baringo Central, two people who were on a hunting expedition were ambushed and bitten by the leopards suffering various degrees of injuries all over the bodies.

The two were rushed to Eldama Ravine sub county referral hospital in Koibatek where they are receiving treatment.

On Friday, two other people including retired chief Haron Rotich, 60, who were cutting rafters in the forest suffered the same fate after the cats bounced on them with each of them sustaining deep body wounds and bruises.

The retired administrator currently admitted at Baringo county referral hospital, Kabarnet narrated how the leopard which he said weight over 100 kilogrammes sprung on him stepping on his thighs gunning for the skin of his skull but when he blocked it, the cat broke his left hand leaving him for dead.

A young man, Kibet Kurui aged 22 years, in company of the retired chief who attempted to strangle the leopard after stepping on him suffered deep scratches on the cheeks and face.

Confirming the attacks, County KWS Senior Warden Cheruiyot Korir said a team of officers have been dispatched to the ground to track the wild animals which have continued to terrorize residents in Baringo Central and Baringo South for the past four days.

Korir said that one of the leopards was killed by irate residents of Cheplambus who responded to cries by those attacked.

“For the first case at Sorok in Tenges ward after injuring two people, the public using all manner of crude weapons managed to kill one while the other was disturbed therefore injuring two more people the following day while trying to escape,” the County KWS boss said.

He urged local residents not to take matters into their own hands but provide valuable leads to his officers so that it can be captured.

The senior warden speaking to KNA on telephone stated that they were working round the clock to ensure that the remaining leopard is located and captured before causing more damages.

He said the leopard that was killed has been recovered and safely secured by his officers on the ground.

In the latest incident that took place on Sunday, the remaining disturbed leopard is said to have escaped to Sogon Sub Location in Baringo South where it attacked Laban Chirchir and Amdany who are currently admitted at Kabartonjo sub county referral hospital.

Chirchir said he was busy fencing when he heard mooing of a cow followed by barking of a dog at a neighbour’s compound but upon rushing there, he stumbled on the leopard which immediately jumped on his head causing him to fall down.

“It is my first time experiencing such an encounter with a leopard and I was very terrified because when the owner of the cow wanted to assist me, it also overpowered him,” Chirchir explained.

He said they only survived after screaming for help attracting the attention of members of the community who rushed to the scene but the damage had already been done.

Chirchir who is still terrified while narrating the ordeal said that the immediate neighbour who came to his rescue oblivious of the danger he was exposing himself to had his clothes torn and face and back scratched leaving deep wounds.

The victim who was rushed for treatment alongside his colleague said that the lone leopard disappeared towards Kapkomoi area after leaving behind trails of injuries.

Talai Location Chief Thomas Chepyegon who reported the third case to KWS said residents were living in fear after the wounded leopard crossed over to his area causing serious injuries on two people.

The chief said he has advised residents in his area to stop searching for the wild animal to avoid putting their lives in danger instead inform Kabarnet wildlife office or make a call to his office for proper action to be taken.