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Kabogo receives huge endorsement from Akorino, Muslim clerics

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Former Kiambu governor and Tujibebe Wakenya Party leader William Kabogo’s gubernatorial bid received a boost when Muslim leaders of Islamic institutions and Akorino faithful in Kiambu vowed to support him.

The religious leaders were drawn from sub-counties gathered and promised to support his candidature and ensure he clinches the seat currently held by James Nyoro.

“We shall go to our churches and persuade our people to elect William Kabogo as the next governor of Kiambu,” they said.

They said Kabogo has demonstrated quality leadership and has been a good servant to the people of Kiambu, especially during his first term as governor.

The leaders also lauded the ex-governor for his achievements in infrastructural development and promoting cohesion and peaceful co-existence.

 “It is an open secret that the governor has taken a great role in supporting Islamic institutions and empowered religious leaders. He has walked with us throughout and has been there when we needed him,” they said.

Kabogo welcomed the religious leaders’ endorsement saying he will continue working closely with them in promoting religious affairs as well as preaching peace.

“I don’t take your support for granted. I am deeply humbled knowing very well the position you hold in society. You are respected individuals whose word is always taken with a lot of seriousness.

“The fact that you have decided to throw your weight behind me shows you have faith in my leadership,” he said.

The former county boss said empowering religious leaders and institutions remains an integral part of the society in the provision of knowledge and peace building.

He said that his administration will ensure and protect the rights of electorates by launching empowerment programs aimed at helping the people.

“This morning I was delighted to share a cup of tea with the Kiambu County Muslim Leaders’ Forum who called on me to discuss their issues. We have agreed on the various areas of cooperation once I’m elected to office in August this year, “he said.

Kabogo further revealed that he hosted the Akorino community from all the sub-counties in Kiambu.

“I’m humbled by the unanimous declaration made by these leaders to support my governorship candidature during the upcoming general elections,” Kabogo said.

The former governor was two days ago cleared to vie for the seat and will be expected to face off with incumbent James Nyoro, Kimani Wamatangi (UDA), Moses Kuria (CCK), and Wainaina Jungle (Independent).