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Philanthropist aspirant Juma Hemedi giving Gakuyo,Alice sleepless nights over Thika votes

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The Thika MP race appears to be a three-horse race between former legislator Alice Ng’ang’a, Juma Hemedi (Independent), and controversial cleric David Ngari alias ‘Gakuyo’.

 As campaigns enter the home stretch, the three mentioned above are trying to outdo each using every means available.

 Philanthropist Juma Hemedi Mwaniki who is vying on an independent ticket has resorted to using a door-to-door campaign to pass on his message to voters.

On social media and in churches, Mr. Juma has been seen to be vibrant, always updating the nation on his political strides and always pushing the agenda of his political pledges which he believes in the needs of his constituents.

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Juma Hamedi with Kiambu governor James Nyoro during a past event

Speaking to the media, Mr. Hemedi said that being born and raised in Thika, he is the best suited to solve the problems that the locals are facing.

He promised to work hard to transform the lives of the people in his community despite his humble background.

“Since I come from a humble background, I understand the issues that affect the residents. My key agenda will be to transform the lives of the people,” he said.

May be an image of 1 person and text that says "Juma Hemedi Mwaniki MP Thika Town Constituency 1 Enhance access to JHM Education and modernise Education facilities. 2 Mentorship, Training and Empowerment of Youth and women. 4 Increased Infrastructure projects and easier access to goverment services 3 My 5 Point Agenda Inclusivity of ALL in decision making. 5 Reduce unemploymen through Cottage Industry & & better policies"

Some of the key priorities in his manifestos focuses on Health, Agriculture, Water, Education, Roads, and support Infrastructure.

He said that the people of Thika have expressed confidence in his leadership and he will help to make the constituency matters of priority.

“I have been raised in Thika and I know what the people need and they have vowed to elect me on an independent ticket, ‘he said.

He appealed to his opponents to conduct peaceful campaigns and avoid maligning others and also asked voters to consider a candidate’s abilities and not his or her election vehicle.

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“People should not be fooled that it is political parties that will solve their problems, but what matters is one’s leadership qualities,” he said.

He affirmed his determination to the creation of wealth, human development, infrastructural development, and provision of basic amenities in Thika with his wealth of experience and background.

The aspirant lamented the plight of retired civil servants in the state who haven’t been fully compensated by the state, promising to address the situation if elected.

“As eligible voters, show them that money cannot buy your conscience and you have the right to go for credible, reliable, and competent candidates.”

He also advised eligible voters in the state not to vote for the highest bidder who won’t deliver on the promises made.