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Glenmorangie whisky reveals new packaging, designed to convey the deliciousness of its single malt

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Glenmorangie Highland single malt whisky today reveals bold new packaging, designed to convey the deliciousness of its single malt.

Glenmorangie already brings to life its whisky’s wonders in many ways: from a colorful brand campaign shot by renowned photographer Miles Aldridge, to its boutique hotel Glenmorangie House – a sensory playground for guests.

Now, inspired by its whisky’s award-winning flavours, the brand has reimagined its packaging with an elegant new bottle, vivid colors and playful details. Glenmorangie’s whisky creators are endlessly imaginative on their mission to dream up delicious whiskies.

 They craft their more delicate, fruity spirit in stills as tall as a giraffe to allow more space for taste and aroma. Then they age it in the world’s finest casks, all to bring joy to drinkers worldwide.


By transforming the packaging of its core single malts, The Original, The Lasanta and The Quinta Ruban, Glenmorangie celebrates their creativity and the wondrous tastes they bring forth.

The new look transforms all parts of Glenmorangie packaging, combining elegance, luxurious materials and a sense of fun.

The packaging will be rolled out worldwide from August 2022. Changes include: – Bottle: With an even more elegant shape, the new bottle features wider shoulders, a tapered neck and stopper and a swirled detail inspired by Glenmorangie Signet icon on the base.

– Carton and labels: Designed to stand out boldly on shelves, carton and labels are vividly colored to reflect the flavours of each whisky. Luxurious curving linework runs through the packaging, reflecting the fluidity of the liquid, the wood in which Glenmorangie is aged and the Distillery’s undulating Highland surroundings.

Glenmorangie’s Signet icon has been given more prominence and simplified to draw consumers’ attention and the wordmark split across four lines in a playful design, which will increase visual impact in stores.

A new tone of voice brings the whiskies’ flavours to the fore, the brand’s symbol, the giraffe, is showcased on the back of the carton.

Louise Dennett, Glenmorangie Global Head of Brand, said: “Our whisky is truly delicious and our reimagined packaging brings its flavours to the fore.

 We see this as an opportunity to welcome new drinkers with a playful elegance which reflects our creativity in whisky making; and to ensure our single malt stands out by using bold colours and enhanced branding.” Thomas Moradpour, President and CEO of The Glenmorangie Company, said: “We believe our whisky is for everyone.

 And we’re on a mission to share its wondrous tastes and aromas in every way we can. From this vibrant new packaging to our colorful brand campaign, we are inviting more people to discover the joy of Glenmorangie, whether or not they’ve tried single malt before.”