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Kibaki’s nephew Dr. Kiragu set to win Othaya parliamentary seat

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Othaya parliamentary aspirant and Kibaki Nephew Dr. Joseph Kiragu has announced plans to establish a special kitty to fund small-scale enterprises for women and youths if elected next week.

Mr. Kiragu, a medical doctor and lawyer said that he is determined to transform and set standards for the people of the Othaya constituency that the late president Mwai Kibaki once led as a Member of Parliament.

Dr. Kiragu as he is popularly known played a key role in the election of Ms. Mary Wambui as Othaya MP in 2013 and that of Laikipia governor Nderitu Mureithi in 2017.

He recently resigned from Kenyatta National Hospital as a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology to vie for the Othaya seat for the first time.

Speaking to the media, Kiragu said that he has already received the blessings of the family and society in general.

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Kiragu said that women and the youth needed more empowerment through financial support to start income-generating projects.

He promised his electorate to work hard to transform the lives of the people in his community.

Before venturing into active politics, Kiragu had initiated several medical camps in the constituency and also sponsored needy students to acquire education.

He said the kitty, once rolled out, would spur interest in business among rural and urban women and youth.

“My interest is to serve the people of Othaya and give them hope and promote the social being of the community, “he said.

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He further said he would supports education and would double bursary allocations to students if he becomes a Member of Parliament.

“I am going to ensure we scale up funding to the kitty and make it efficient so that our young people can get a chance at education,” he said.

He will be expected to face off with incumbent MP Gichuki Mugambi, who is defending his seat under Jubilee.

Others in the race include Mr Patrick Ngunjiri (CCK), Mr Wambugu Wainaina (UDA) and Mr Stephen Gakuna (UKW). Also running are independent candidates Mr. David Kimengere), Mr. Lawrence Muchiri, Mr. Eric Theuri, and Mr. John Kinyua.