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Optiven: This is how we have been empowering our youths for future

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Today, the world celebrates Youth Day under the theme, Intergenerational Solidarity: creating a world for all ages. This theme befits not just this important day, but it’s a call to action for us all.

What has Optiven done to realize this theme in the interim?  We have over the years adapted UN Sustainable Development Goal number 17 on partnership in order to impact society.

It calls for importance of global macroeconomic stability and the need to mobilise financial resources for developing countries from international sources, as well as through strengthened domestic capacities for revenue collection.

To realize this we embraced partnerships with the likes of Fusion Capital we have enabled youth from disadvantaged backgrounds to access education.

Beneficiaries of the Soaring Eagles Scholarship Program SESP are found in all counties courtesy of partnership and the Education pillar of the Optiven foundation.

We have further embraced this goal and merged it with UN SDG goal number 8 that promotes inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all.

We understand that youth have a key role to play in sustained and inclusive economic growth to drive progress, create decent jobs for all and improve living standards.

This is why this year we rolled out our support for TVET targeting youth seeking vocational and technical training. This move was made possible in partnership with the Upside Trust of the United Kingdom.

Optiven Foundation chairman George Wachiuri

And we continue to work with the youth for the betterment of our future.  Through the Optiven Real Estate arm, we have upscaled our human resource engagement by taking up management trainees.

Through the George Wachiuri School of Mentorship, we continue to mentor Youth in Business through practical examples from the business World.

To the youth I say you are the torchbearers of the 2030 Agenda – young people all over the world are contributing to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Happy Youth Day 2022.

George Wachiuri


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