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Lenku Addresses Crisis Meeting Aimed at Taming Hunger in Kajiado

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Just days after the Governors were sworn in the County Government of Kajiado has convened a crisis meeting to discuss the ravaging drought situation that has taken a toll on farmers in the County.

The County’s Governor, Joseph Ole Lenku says the situation is dire therefore urgent interventions need to be put in place to save hungry farmers and their livestock which are on the verge of succumbing to hunger.

Lenku added that the various stakeholders’ crisis meeting aims at rallying support from well-wishers to save lives.

“People are sleeping hungry. The situation is worse and urgent we are calling on all well-wishers to intervene and save a life,” Lenku said.

He also stated that the County leadership will continue sensitizing residents on climate change to avert livestock losses incurred during drought seasons.

At the same time, the Governor also noted that his administration will encourage farmers to embrace modern farming to reduce over-dependence during the drought season adding that they (His administration) will focus on the value addition of animal products through cooperative society.

Most parts of Kajiado have not received rain for the last two years.

This has seen the prices of livestock reduce by up to 70 per cent after meat dealers shunned purchasing livestock from the farmers citing poor quality of meat.

Most farmers have hit a dead end in feeding the animals after hay prices increased by three folds.