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Kisumu Residents Accept Ruto’s Win, Send Him Urgent Message

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Kisumu County residents have accepted the election of William Samoei arap Ruto as the fifth President of the Republic of Kenya and now say what they want to see is only the implementation of the things he promised in his pre-election manifesto.

Led by lawyer James Aggrey Mwamu, the residents only rallied for prevalence of peace in the country even as they lamented that the cost of living has become so prohibitive and that the President-elect Ruto must prioritize lowering the cost of living as top agenda especially the cost of basic commodities such as food.

Mwamu at the same time pointed out that Dr. Ruto must seal all loopholes for corruption, act decisively and firmly on issues graft, and ensure that any person that has looted public property is held accountable.

He however stressed on the need for the President-elect to also prioritize treating all Kenyans equally irrespective of how they voted in the concluded elections saying this would be the only cornerstone to build a united nation and lay the foundation for the much needed peace in the country.

Mwamu added that the president must also prioritize uniting Kenyans above anything else and ensuring that Kenya remained one united entity and nation

He challenged the President-elect that time was opportune for all Kenyans to witness how he would implement his much touted bottom-up economic approach and if the model would bring reprieve to the tightening economic fortunes of the Kenyan masses.