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The Rebranded Green Ark Expands Business Portfolio

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What started out as My Ride program has now evolved to Green Ark.

The Billionaire launched My Ride a month ago and has now revamped the program and added amalgamated other opportunities.

Green Ark has been in business for 5 days and has in its first week sold a total of 50 scooters, created a weekly income of R40 000 for its 50 member partners and a weekly saving of R87 500 for the subscribers who use the scooters since they no longer need petrol.

Let’s recap to when this all started. It was around a month ago when Dr Mandla Lamba launched a business opportunity called My Ride that is intended to help people generate a sustainable passive income while they sit at home doing nothing.

it started as an ownership program that allows you to own Agilitee full electric delivery scooters for deliveries and the Agilitee Self-charging Car, Agilitee Go for uber or bolt.

Unlike uber and bolt, Lamba said there is no need to find a driver after you purchase an Agilitee electric scooter or the Self-charging car, My Ride program has pre-orders that are made by people daily so instead of letting drivers rent from Agilitee, the company let them rent My Ride.

So as the owner you get to earn all the money paid by the person renting your scooter or car. In the case of delivery scooters, we have Agilitee Loadex which comes with an AI Helmet at R60, 000 with a motor plan of 100, 000km so you don’t have to worry about the maintenance of the scooter as the owner for that period.

So you buy the Loadex at R60, 000 and put it under My Ride where it generates R800 per week for you as the owner, then My Ride turns around and pays you that money every end of the month as R3200 per month.

“We have conducted a thorough research on this and this program has been in the works for a while now. We have structured it in a way that everyone benefits, the owner who buys the scooter and puts it under My Ride gets to generate a monthly cash flow of R3200 which is a total annualized amount of R38, 400 which is more than seven times what R60, 000 earns in a fixed deposit account at a bank that is mere R5 508 per year. So we made sure the owners win big time.Then we have a driver who rents this delivery scooter and pays R800 per week.”

Currently delivery scooter drivers pay R650 per week to rent a petrol scooter and also spend a minimum of R1100 on petrol per week and they do about 60km per day.

Agilitee Loadex has a range of 70km per charge, it is full electric and doesn’t need any petrol.

The drivers save a between of R1100 to R2000 on petrol per week which is a minimum of R4400 to R6000 per month which now accounts as profit in their businesses.

“So we have made this work for everyone. You don’t have to be in South Africa to buy the scooter and put it under My Ride and make money. You could be anywhere in Africa minding your business and still be making money from this,” said Lamba.

The program is a lease to own program, so it gives the drivers a six months leasing trial period where the program monitors the condition of the scooter and if the driver is keeping it in a satisfactory condition to the program for six months, the lease would then be converted into a purchase.

“If the owner of the scooter doesn’t want to sell and prefers to continue leasing, then Agilitee will provide another electric scooter to the driver for purchase and the one for leasing would be allocated to another new driver who just joined the program. This is the most brilliant concept for mobility because it will also help with EV adoption in Africa because it also involves the public who get a chance to make money while pushing the continent for EV adoption.

Now the Green Revolution and AI leader Dr Mandla Lamba has revamped My Ride along with the change of name to Green Ark. The business opportunity has now also added off-grid solar systems, electric cars, even Agilitee electronics and gadgets where budding entrepreneurs can lease office electronics such as laptops, printers and so forth while starting their business ventures.

“With Green Ark we get to solve many problems for our people throughout the continent of Africa. The scooters rollout is working very well and people are now earning that extra sustainable passive income which is also helping them build their asset base as they aquire these electric scooters and them them through Green Ark.

We have now seen the need to stretch the net a bit further by adding off-grid solar systems, we have an energy crisis in Africa. Just a simple a example, South Africa has been in the dark for over 2 weeks now.

So the need to solve the energy crisis is immediate. With Green Ark, those who can’t afford to buy an off-grid solar system can lease it and pay a monthly fee that is less 50% of what they currently pay per billing cycle and this is a great saving for them.

Then we also have electronics and gadgets. Let’s look at the cost of living that is high up the roof because of the hyperinflation that is coupled with the strong dollar, this is working against Africa. Not everyone can afford to buy gadgets and electronics.

Now people can lease this at Green Ark and not worry about spending a lot of money in these trying times, mostly entrepreneurs who are starting new ventures and they need office equipment, they can now rent it and not worry about buying these, Lamba stated.