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Harambee Sacco Officials Accused of Illegally Selling Its Property

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Once again, Harambee Sacco management is at a crossroads with the Ethics and Anti-corruption commission over corruption and embezzlement of funds.

This is one of the key reasons why some members have been quitting the Sacco over the insecurity of their savings

The Sacco was vibrant for the past years but it’s gradually collapsing if immediate action is not taken, an expert warned

For instance, despite corruption allegations, it’s believed that the Sacco’s leadership has sold the following properties, The Matundu lane Property in Westlands, Harambee Sacco property in Donholm, the Harambee members property in Nyali in Mombasa and another property in Parklands.

Few months ago the Ethics and Anti-corruption commission ordered the Ethics Commission for cooperatives to start the probe into the matter and Upto date nothing has been done.

‘The commission received information of the alleged sale of two properties alleged to have been sold by some officials without notifying the members, and the properties belonged to Harambee Sacco,” the letter stated.

The two properties are approximated to be Sh256 million but the appropriated cash of the said other plots mentioned above is yet to be revealed but it involves millions.

According to a member of the Sacco, the management has continued to defraud the Sacco and have become rude at the same time.

” Everyday we get news of our properties being sold by our leaders, I urge the Anti-corruption body to crack the whip and bring justice to our doors,” he said