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Nairobi Jack Bigambo Arrested By EACC On Forgery Accusations

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Detectives from the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) took action on Tuesday, as they apprehended Jack Bigambo, a High Court Advocate, on charges related to forgery.

The arrest comes in response to suspicions that Mr. Bigambo engaged in the act of forging the official stamp and signature of an EACC lawyer, with the alleged intent of seeking orders against the very anti-graft commission.

Upon his arrest, Mr. Bigambo was promptly taken into custody at the EACC police station, where he will remain detained pending his forthcoming arraignment before the Milimani Anti-Corruption Court. It is there that he will face the weight of the criminal charges brought against him, as the investigation progresses.

The EACC, responsible for the investigation and arrest, is determined to uphold integrity and combat corruption within the country. The commission, known for its rigorous pursuit of justice, is committed to ensuring that all individuals involved in corrupt practices are held accountable for their actions.

Forgery is a serious offense that undermines the trust and credibility of legal processes. The alleged act of forging official documentation raises concerns about the potential misuse of power and attempts to obstruct the work of anti-corruption entities such as the EACC. Such acts not only jeopardize the rule of law but also hinder the collective efforts to foster transparency and integrity in the country.

As the case progresses, the legal system will scrutinize the evidence and ensure a fair trial for Mr. Bigambo. The outcome of this case will serve as a reminder of the importance of upholding the principles of justice and maintaining the integrity of legal proceedings.