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Knut Official Speaks on One Urgent Change Which Should Be Made to Junior Secondary

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 Nyandarua KNUT branch Secretary Johana Ndung’u has called for renaming of junior secondary to intermediate level or senior primary to boost academic esteem of learners.

Ndung’u said that the name secondary should be preserved for the secondary schools in the country as they are popularly known.

“If we refer to Grade Six as Junior Secondary, the learners will be wondering why they are being called so and yet they are learning in primary school. This can affect them mentally and lower their academic esteem,” Ndung’u said.

He however praised the Presidential Working Party on Education Reforms for recommending that the Grade Six level of learning be domiciled in primary schools saying it saved secondary school teachers from being overburdened with work.

The secretary at the same time lauded the government’s effort of hiring more teachers saying that the current regime is committed to ensuring the status of good education in this country is upheld.

He said that hiring more teachers would help in solving the current shortage of tutors experienced in many schools. At the same time, he said the best formula for recruiting new teachers would be the number of years a teacher has been jobless after graduating.

 He was speaking in Ol Kalou town over the weekend during the election of a Tower Sacco director representing Ol Kalou Zone.  The hotly contested election saw James Mwangi Kiiru lose the directorship he held continuously for 32 years.

 He got 219 votes against his only rival Patrick Kariuki Thogo who got 222 votes in the exercise presided over by the Nyandarua County Director of Cooperatives Veronica Kahura.