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MP Calls for DP Rigathi Gachagua to Be Installed as Mt Kenya Kingpin

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Mathira Member of Parliament Eric Wamumbi wants Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua recognised as Mount Kenya regions’ political kingpin for his role during the last general elections.

 He told a talk show with Kameme Television during the Nditimurano nightshow, that the deputy President should be accorded the respect he deserved as the region’s political supremo owing to his contribution in rallying the region behind the ruling United Democratic Alliance (UDA).

“If the people of Mount Kenya region were asked to line up behind their preferred leader, they will definitely do so behind Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua. And this choice is as a result of his mobilization skills that saw the region vote overwhelmingly for the ruling Kenya Kwanza alliance in the last general election. The people of Mount Kenya do not, therefore, have another leader besides our Deputy President,” he claimed.

The MP similarly lauded President Dr William Ruto for appointing Rigathi to spearhead reforms in the tea, dairy and coffee sectors saying the decision will turn out to be the best game changer for the region.

He said it was foolhardy for any person to claim to be a leader for a region while the same people you purport to represent continue living in abject poverty.

“Although Rigathi happens to be the spokesperson of this region, he very well knows that such a title is a big joke if the people he represents are poor and hungry. Rigathi wants to be recognized as a leader for his spirited campaign in fighting to salvage the once lucrative tea and coffee sector from the hands of ruthless cartels who have literally run it down. Once the people in the region can put money into their pockets, then he can be proud to be identified as the region’s kingpin,” he argued.

There have been mixed views from across a section of Central Kenyan leaders on the question of who really should be the region’s spokesperson.

 While some believe retired President Uhuru Kenyatta remains a key uniting figure for the Central region owing to his undisputed political influence, others feel his candle went out after the defeat of his preferred presidential candidate Raila Odinga during the August poll.

Earlier this month former Kieni MP Kanini Kega came out openly and commended Gachagua for what he said were efforts he has invested in uniting the region.

Kega who has since been nominated to the East African Legislative Assembly further urged the people from Mount Kenya region to rally behind Gachagua as their senior leader.

“Gachagua did well in uniting the Mt. Kenya region. He is the only senior leader we have. We need to rally behind him as a region,” he said.

“I want to thank Gachagua who saw that Mt Kenya region will have a problem if we are not represented in the East Africa Legislative Assembly.

 Former Nyeri Town legislator Ngunjiri Wambugu has similarly observed that Gachagua has put himself on course to becoming the region’s kingpin owing to his declaration on his readiness to protect interests of the area.

“Gachagua is right now the most senior leader from Mt Kenya in government. That puts him ahead of the pack,” claimed Wambugu who defended his seat on a Jubilee party ticket but lost to UDA candidate Duncan Maina.

On the skyrocketing cost of living, Wamumbi defended Kenya Kwanza’s policy of subsidizing the cost of farm inputs such as fertilizers and certified seeds terming it the only sure way of putting the economy of the country back on track.   

He blamed the former government for implementing the unga flour subsidy program saying the decision only worsened an already bad situation and only ended up gobbling up to Sh 7 billion of taxpayers’ money without any real benefit to the common man.