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My Brother in Law Murdered My Son, Dumped Her in Borehole and Walked Scot Free

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A woman is crying for justice after her son was brutally murdered by a man he knew as a brother in-law who later dumped his body in a borehole.

Flavian mwoka khayeka a mother of two wants the Directorate of Criminal investigations and the Director of Public Prosecutions to look into the matter and help her get justice.

“I am a mother of two, Dannish kassim and the late Irshad lirimu mukoya are both my children, on September 15 I woke up at around 7am and I gave them tea after which I left them outside playing and went to do some cleaning at my step mother’s house,” she told our team.

She added that by then her father inlaw was seated out and her brother inlaw was milking.

” From inside the house I could hear my children playing and they were joined by another child,” she painfully narrated.

While she was still at her mother in-law’s house her father in law came at the house and told her that he was leaving to the nearby town for a funeral service and he left.

After some minutes she was shocked after the children went silent.

” Few minutes later I realised I couldn’t hear the children’s voices so I went out and they were not there . I went over to the neighbours house and she told me she saw them playing outside but the kids were not at her place and together with her they continued with the search,” she said.

She said that they looked for the child everyone but with no success.

” We went over to where my brother inlaw was milking the cow and found out that he had locked himself in. We knocked his door but he didn’t open the door but from the cracks on the wall I asked him If he had seen the kids but he never gave me the answer,” she said.

They then opted to go over to his sister’s house which is a few metres away they agreed that they check at the borehole to see if they had fallen in it .

”Since there was an incident a month ago where a kid was killed and dumped we just checked in it and that is when we were shocked to find my lifeless baby floating on top of water. After the burial on the 17 of September my brother inlaw his mother , dad ,elder sister and his elder brother called him and when they were interrogating him he confessed to have killed the baby,” she told.

They suspect was taken to matungu police station and he was In custody for two weeks after which he was taken to the ODPP and they had to let him go on the ground that the police did not follow the right procedure required to get the information.

” For someone who makes a confession to killing my son, nothing has been done, he is free to date .I have also gone to IPOA they promised to look into the case but no response yet. I just justice for my son,” she said.