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President Biden’s Team Takes Measures to Prevent Him From Embarrassing Falls Again

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President Joe Biden’s campaign team is undertaking a crucial mission: preventing the 80-year-old leader from tripping in public as he grapples with a diagnosis of “significant spinal arthritis.” The diagnosis, made earlier this year by the White House physician, has raised concerns about the president’s health and mobility.

Recent incidents of public tripping have added to these concerns, prompting Biden’s team to take proactive steps. Axios reported on Tuesday that the campaign is making efforts to ensure the president’s safety and public image.

One notable measure is the promotion of comfortable footwear. Biden has been seen wearing tennis shoes in public since this summer, a move aimed at enhancing his stability and preventing falls. Additionally, his team has limited stair climbs to reduce the risk of accidents.

Moreover, President Biden is undergoing physical therapy under the guidance of specialist Drew Contreras, who previously worked with President Barack Obama. Contreras has recommended exercises to improve the president’s balance, addressing the challenges posed by his spinal arthritis.

The primary objective of these efforts is to prevent any embarrassing falls during the upcoming election season. Tripping incidents have had significant repercussions in past presidential campaigns, with health concerns becoming focal points of public discourse.

In this context, Biden faces the additional challenge of age-related criticism. An Associated Press poll conducted during the summer revealed that 77% of respondents believed Biden is too old to be effective for another four years. This sentiment was shared by 89% of Republicans and 69% of Democrats.

A recent poll by The Washington Post and ABC News found that three out of five Democrats would prefer a different nominee for the party in the 2024 election.

White House spokesman Andrew Bates has pushed back against the narrative, suggesting that the media’s focus on health concerns is sensationalism. Bates emphasized that the president’s achievements for the American people should be the central focus of attention.

As President Biden’s campaign team works diligently to ensure his safety and image, the public will closely watch how these efforts shape the narrative surrounding the president’s health and candidacy.