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Biden’s Primetime Address to Garner Support for Ukraine and Israel

Biden's Primetime Address to Garner Support for Ukraine and Israel

Biden's Primetime Address to Garner Support for Ukraine and Israel

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President Joe Biden is set to deliver a primetime address less than 24 hours after returning from Tel Aviv, where he expressed support for Israelis and aid for Palestinians. He will discuss the U.S. response to the Israeli-Gaza conflict and the situation in Ukraine.

Scheduled for 8 p.m. ET on Thursday (midnight GMT on Friday), this address comes at a time when Congress remains gridlocked without a House of Representatives leader needed to pass critical legislation, including expected funding requests for the two ongoing conflicts.

In his speech, Biden will convey a message of solidarity to the people of Ukraine and Israel. Additionally, he will address the nation, including U.S. lawmakers, explaining the impact of these conflicts and underscoring the vital role of American public and congressional support.

Simultaneously, the USS Mount Whitney, an advanced command, control, communication, and intelligence vessel, is en route to the eastern Mediterranean to join other U.S. warships already present, according to the U.S. Navy.

In a related development, the Department of Defense plans to send its two Iron Dome missile defense systems back to Israel as part of a leaseback arrangement, following years of experimentation with the systems. This transfer could take place in the coming days.

Biden’s trip to Israel was initially intended to provide support after the Hamas attack on Israeli villages and military bases on October 7. However, his planned meetings with the leaders of Jordan, Egypt, and Palestine were canceled due to a tragic explosion at a Gaza hospital.

During his time in Tel Aviv, President Biden pledged $100 million in new funding for humanitarian aid in Gaza and the occupied West Bank. He also stated his intention to request unprecedented aid from Congress to bolster Israel’s efforts against Hamas.

The White House has indicated that Biden will unveil his additional funding request this week. The administration is contemplating allocating $60 billion for Ukraine and $10 billion for Israel, as reported by an inside source.

The process of securing funding requires approval from both the Senate, where there is bipartisan support for additional aid, and the House of Representatives, which has been without a leader for 17 days due to divisions among Republican lawmakers. They remain split over whether to support conservative Jim Jordan, an ally of former President Donald Trump.

Within this context, humanitarian aid is expected to enter Gaza in the next day or so, with Biden and his team emphasizing that it must not be diverted for use by Hamas.

This evolving situation is fraught with challenges, and President Biden’s address will likely shed light on the administration’s strategy for navigating these complex issues.